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Gail Freer– Folding Furniture Distribution Co.

I’m Gail Freer and I run, not only this website, but one of the largest folding furniture wholesale distributions in Florida. Based out of Boca Raton, this company delivers high quality, fair priced and American made products throughout all of the Eastern United States.

Back in the day, I worked construction and from there, focused on handcrafted wooden furniture. It wasn’t long before I started The Folding Furniture Distribution Co. in hopes to bring new and well designed, in home and patio furniture to homes cross the country. My team and I are constantly on the look out for new stores to work with and better ways to design furniture. After all, these items get more use than one might realize and it’s important to put your money into products that last.

If you are a corporation interested in what we have to offer and how to start a business relationship with us, feel free to email me at